Peru’s upcoming presidential election is really a referendum on its troubled constitution

Maxwell A. Cameron y Paolo Sosa Villagarcia

Publicado en The Washington Post el 13/05/2021

“What’s at stake in the runoff between leftist front-runner Pedro Castillo and right-wing, dynastic candidate Keiko Fujimori?”.

On June 6, Peru will vote in a runoff election for president, deciding between the top two candidates from the first round of voting. On the left is Pedro Castillo, a rural teacher and militant union organizer who came in first with only 19 percent of the vote; on the right, is Keiko Fujimori, who squeaked out 13 percent. Polls put Castillo in the lead. Castillo has promised a new constitution. Since Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of Peru’s now-jailed former dictator Alberto Fujimori, some observers fear that she would restore a corrupt and authoritarian dynasty. Constitutional reform may be Peru’s best alternative to becoming as crisis-wracked and polarized as Venezuela.

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